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Property management

Services for landlords:
We’ve been in the property business since 2006. Our expert market knowledge allows us to navigate legal and financial responsibilities while minimising costly void periods and maximising your return on investment.

We’ll arrange everything from marketing your property and sourcing reliable tenants through to drawing up contracts, property management, rent collections and rent reviews allowing you total peace of mind and reliable rental income for as long you are in the lettings market.


Pre-sale home improvement: As the only one in Slovenia, we can help sellers transform their homes into listings buyers will love.
Renovation after buying the property: We can make it happen that new home will be as new owners would want, to suit them recording to their wishes and standards.

Real estate Interior Design

As a real estate company, we are seizing the opportunity to begin innovating to meet the demands of an increasingly personalised, user-focussed world. This means understanding precisely what buyers want, and how to give it to them.

As we have interior designers in team, we are using our eye to identify unique features and envision potential shifts in space design. We can see more options in any given property and present them to discerning clients. And with experience in realising their vision, designers can also go one step further and realise that potential in a property before it goes to market.

Whit establishing personal relations with our clients, we can also help them later with designing their new home.

Move to Europe

We are more than just real estate agents who can help you find the right home for you. We are also there to help you with all information needed for you to safely move to Europe and to invest in a promising future in a safe country with many opportunities – Slovenia.


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